How to use our service

  1. Have a look at our Gallery page- - to see the wide selection of artworks we have to offer. All artworks without a red dot are available to rent.
  2. Contact our Collection Manager, Elspeth Mackenzie, to discuss your requirements – She will be happy to advise you and answer any queries you may have. She can also offer advice on selecting a collection of artworks for your location.
  3. If you would like to visit our Picture Store to see the artworks we have available this can also be arranged.
  4. Once you have made your final selection of artworks, we can arrange for a courier and joiner to hang your collection for you. This service is available at an extra charge over and above the rental cost. Alternatively, you can organise a professional joiner to hang the artwork for you.
    Either our Collection Manager or Technician will be on hand to give advice during the hanging of the pictures.
  5. A designated representative from your establishment should be nominated as being the contact for all correspondence and will also take responsibility for the artworks during the rental period.
  6. Once your artworks are in situ, two copies of your rental contract and an invoice will be sent to you. One copy of the contract should have the location of each artwork noted on it and should then be signed by your representative and returned to Art in Healthcare. The other copy is for your records.
  7. Your initial contract period will be for two years. We will send you a renewal invitation shortly before your contract expires.
  8. After one year you will have the option to refresh some or all of your collection of artworks. This will incur extra charges for delivery and collection, as well as the cost of a joiner if you require this service.
  9. If you have any queries or requests during the loan period, we will be more than happy to hear from you.

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Since 1991 our charity has been assembling one of the largest and most prestigious Collections of original Scottish art in the country. These artworks are uniquely available for display in hospitals and other healthcare settings.

Art in Healthcare is truly committed to the important role that art plays in the healing environment but we need your help to properly maintain and build this unique Collection for the enjoyment and benefit of the hundreds of thousands of staff, patients and visitors who view it each year.

With your help we're able to:

Keep our Collection on display in hospitals and care homes
Support young artists at their degree shows
Buy artwork from professional artists
Provide fun-filled art workshops for patients and care home residents
Develop our training programmes for volunteers

Adopt an artwork from our Collection for just £3 a month and you'll receive:

Your name (or a loved one's) written next to your chosen artwork online
A certificate of adoption with a picture of the artwork
Invites to Art in Healthcare's special events
First to view our latest Prestigious Print
Our colourful e-newsletter

"My patients really enjoy looking at our collection. Sometimes they even do an 'art tour' around the premises." ~ Barron Dental Practice

You can adopt an artwork in the gallery, if it hasn't already been adopted, by clicking the 'Adopt Me' button below the picture of the artwork.