Terms and Conditions of Picture Rental


1. Loan Period

The minimum period of artwork rental is two years. The rental agreement may be renewed at the end of the second year at which time the borrower may exchange artworks at no additional cost except for courier charges. Contract renewals will be for a two year period unless agreed otherwise. These terms and conditions will apply for the duration of the contract including any period where renewal is under discussion.

The hirer must inform Art in Healthcare of the intention to renew or cancel their artwork rental contract, at least 3 weeks before the rental period ends. Art in Healthcare will send reminder letters at least 5 weeks before the expiry contract date. In the absence of a written response from our contract holders, the contract with Art in Healthcare will automatically be extended and a new invoice will be provided.

2. Rental Fee

The annual charge for 1 artwork is £45 payable in advance. 

If you are renting less than 5 artworks (any 1, 2, 3 or 4 artworks) for a 2 year period, we will charge a standard £360 fee to cover the minimum costs of providing this service. If you are renting 5 artworks or more – the standard price of £45 per artwork, per annum will apply.

Charges will be invoiced annually and in advance and are payable within 30 days of the date of the invoice.

Please note that accounts will be subject to an interest charge of 4% (calculated on a monthly basis) when they remain unpaid after a period of 1 month.

3. Insurance and Security

The rental fee includes insurance cover for the artworks against damage and loss for the values detailed on the rental contract.

A designated member of healthcare staff must assume the responsibility of looking after the artworks. Art in Healthcare will be entitled to make regular checks to ensure that artworks are safe and in good order. Any loss or damage must be notified immediately to Art in Healthcare and the police (if applicable). If damaged, restoration of the painting must only be undertaken by a professional conservator approved by Art in Healthcare. The healthcare provider will be charged for the return of any artworks to Art in Healthcare. 

If an artwork is lost or stolen the police and Art in Healthcare must be notified immediately. In the event of a failure to provide such notification, Art in Healthcare reserves the right to ask the contract holder to reimburse the value of the stolen artwork.

Artworks must be screwed to the walls using the mirror plates and security screws provided by Art in Healthcare. Healthcare providers are not permitted to remove artworks from the walls without informing Art in Healthcare in advance.

The contract for the artwork rental must be signed and returned to Art in Healthcare before artworks are released for delivery. Upon delivery of the agreed artworks a delivery note will be signed and returned to Art in Healthcare by letter or email within 36hours. Unless any damage to the artworks or missing artworks are intimated along with the delivery note, it will be assumed that all listed artworks are present in the healthcare location and the contract holder may be billed for subsequent loss or damage.

4. Delivery

Once the pictures are selected, the Collection Manager and hirer will agree a convenient date for delivery of the works. Courier costs for delivery and collection are payable by the healthcare provider. Arrangements should be made to have a joiner available to hang the artworks. This can be organised by Art in Healthcare if required and will incur an additional cost, which will be added to the total invoice. Artworks must be displayed within 7 days of delivery unless a longer period is agreed with the Collection Manager. If the artworks are not on display timeously Art in Healthcare will remove the artworks and the healthcare provider will be charged for collection.

5. Display and Care

The artworks must be displayed only at the sites originally agreed. If it becomes necessary to remove or relocate them - Art in Healthcare staff must be notified in advance. The glass of glazed pictures may be cleaned as appropriate and with due care. Unglazed works and frames should not be cleaned. All artworks must be repaired or modified by a conservator approved by Art in Healthcare.

If artworks need to be stored - healthcare provider must ensure that they are stored in a locked secure space. Pictures of a similar size should be leant front-to-front and back-to-back. Delicate and unglazed works will be duly marked, should be handled with particular care and not have other works leaning against them.

The hirer must display the labels provided by Art in Healthcare next to each painting.

Art in Healthcare will liaise with the healthcare provider to ensure the safe installation and removal of artworks. Paintings rented from Art in Healthcare’s collection will be installed and removed by the Estates Department of the said healthcare provider, or by a professional joiner organised by Art in Healthcare. 

6. Uplift

In the event of any breach of these terms and conditions Art in Healthcare will be entitled to remove the artworks and the healthcare provider will meet the costs of their collection.

Art in Healthcare

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Since 1991 our charity has been assembling one of the largest and most prestigious Collections of original Scottish art in the country. These artworks are uniquely available for display in hospitals and other healthcare settings.

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