POSTED ON: 14th of February 2019

Job opportunity: Outreach Manager (maternity cover)

We are seeking a full time (37.5 hours per week) Outreach Manager to provide maternity cover for our Room for Art workshop programme for nine months from April. To apply, please send CV and covering letter to The salary scale for this position is £23,695-£26,163. Deadline for applications is 3rd March, with interviews expected to be held on 15th March.

Room for Art

ROOM FOR ART is a series of visual arts workshops delivered by artists throughout Edinburgh using a social prescribing approach and occupational therapy supported model of 1:1s.  Working in partnership with the statutory and community health sector, individuals are referred to Room for Art to take part in art activity as a way to improve their health and wellbeing. 


Room for Art has a person-centred referral pathway that begins with a 1:1 discussion to help individuals to understand what to expect and to set personal goals. Many Room for Art participants aim to become more socially connected, to develop personal coping techniques, develop skills and feel better about themselves through their enjoyment of being creative. 

Making ‘room for art’ by taking part in arts activity can impact positively on health and wellbeing and in some cases can have a transformative effect.  The programme is targeted to support people in the greatest need including people who are experiencing mental health issues caused by loss, isolation, loneliness and physical illness.  Following the 1:1, participants are invited to take part in art workshops led by a professional artist with support from a volunteer.  The overall programme is supported and guided by the Outreach Manager.  In 2018 we worked with nine partners to deliver Room for Art workshops, supported 118 participants referred to us by 46 referring partners and celebrated success by presenting 4 exhibitions of work by participants.    Room for Art workshops are currently taking place on a weekly basis in community venues around Edinburgh including Wester Hailes, Piershill and Muirhouse.  We have established a participant advisory group to help us shape the future development of Room for Art and have a reference group with representatives from community arts, health and the third sector which supports the further strategic development of the programme. 


Following a recent application to the Edinburgh Integrated Joint Board, Room for Art is now being extended and further developed to deliver important strategic EIJB priorities focused on prevention, early intervention and tackling inequalities.  Room for Art will be funded by the Big Lottery Fund up to November 2019 and by the Edinburgh Integrated Joint Board for three years from April 2019.  The Outreach Manager post will involve evaluation and reporting for both key funders during the maternity cover period.


About Art in Healthcare

Art in Healthcare is a highly effective Scottish charity meeting health needs through a range of impactful visual art activities.  The charity’s work involves leading art workshops for people with health and care needs and displaying art work from a collection of over 1,600 works of art in hospitals, care homes and treatment centres for the benefit of patients, visitors and staff.  Art in Healthcare values putting the person at the centre of their own health and wellbeing, humanising healthcare environments and the positive health and wellbeing impact of the visual arts.  We also value quality, innovation and professionalism and the ideas and ambitions of artists, without whom our work would not be possible.  Art in Healthcare has strategic relationships with many NHS Boards, local authorities and third sector health organisations.  The Room for Art programme has been developed through a number of important partnerships including hosting venues and referral partners which includes GPs, social workers, counsellors, community link workers and therapists.  Art in Healthcare is a small charity currently operating with four members of staff. 

Key Responsibilities

The Outreach Manager (maternity cover) will be responsible for managing the Room for Art programme.  He/she will be focused on programme delivery and also working with the CEO, advisory group, reference group and Occupational Therpay advisor to continuously improve and further develop the programme as required.  Key responsibilities will include

  • ·         Maintaining and managing Room for Art programmes of art activity
  • ·         Managing referrals and conducting 1:1 discussions with potential new participants based on advice and support from an Occupational Therapy project adviser;
  • ·         Maintaining and further developing relationships with referring partners, project delivery partners and funders;
  • ·         Liaise with artists to ensure that they understand the requirements and wellbeing outcomes of the project and deliver accordingly, within budget;
  • ·         Lead on Room for Art evaluation using established models and developing new approaches in consultation with key stakeholders as required;
  • ·         Work with artists to reflect on practice and evaluate impact for individuals and whole groups;
  • ·         Recruit additional artists and volunteers as required to deliver the programme;
  • ·         Manage artists, volunteers and other occasional project staff;
  • ·         Ensure all activities are delivered to agreed timescales and to budget;
  • ·         Prepare performance reports for funders as required;
  • ·         Manage records and procedures including risk assessments, preparing contracts (eg. or artists), managing CRB checks, etc.;
  • ·         Contribute to the overall Art in Healthcare strategic and business planning process;
  • ·         Contribute to funding applications to support and develop Room for Art activities;
  • ·         Design and produce marketing material to publicise and promote Room for Art as required;
  • ·         Manage a programme of social media engagement about the project;
  • ·         Undertake research and networking within the health and arts sector to maximize opportunities to develop, review and extend Room for Art activities.

Skills and experience


  • ·         Experience of delivering successful art development and/or community development projects
  • ·         An understanding of the health and wellbeing benefits of participating in art activity
  • ·         A knowledge of statutory healthcare and the community health sector
  •        Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Confident, articulate, and professional speaking abilities
  • Good listening skills
  • Experience of writing clear and persuasive text for a range of audiences
  • Excellent presentation and negotiation skills
  • ·         Experience of effective networking
  • ·         Excellent planning and organisational skills
  • ·         The ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with a wide range of stakeholders
  • ·         Excellent project and budget management skills
  • ·         Proven ability to manage people
  • ·         Good IT and social media skills
  • ·         Ability to work independently and as part of a team


  • ·         Experience in a caring or health role or as a practicing artist
  • ·         Knowledge and experience of Occupational Therapy
  • ·         Experience of techniques to support consultation, engagement and involvement
  • ·         Experience of project evaluation
  • ·         Successful fundraising experience