By Victoria Cassidy

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
72 x 39 cm

In a swathe of grey overprinted with a gold brocade motif are three square apertures, each framing an insect. The central square is occupied by a golden wasp, while those flanking it are occupied by inky-black houseflies, their bodies and legs covered in bristles, which face inwards towards the wasp.

The lines on this etching are created by scraping away a waxy medium from a metal plate, then applying acid to the plate. The acid eats into the plate where it has been exposed: when ink is applied to the plate, it is retained by these sunken lines. A print is produced by running the inked plate and a sheet of paper through a printing press, and the printing process can be repeated hundreds of times times before the plate deteriorates.

Victoria Cassidy studied Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art from 1983-87, graduating with First Class honours. She now runs Mansfield Park Gallery in Glasgow, which she took over in 2006 after its successful opening in June 2003. Since then, Victoria has worked as a painter and has exhibited her paintings throughout Scotland and in London. She often combines Islamic patterns and Japanese prints in her work, creating delicate and romantic mixed media paintings. Her husband, Mark Greer, is one of Scotland's premier picture framers.

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