Trees in Autumn
By Jenny Calver

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Urban and Architectural
Reg. Number
61 x 71 cm

This painting depicts two trees in the later stages of autumn: they have lost most of their leaves, and those that remain are a mixture of green, yellow and orange. The trunks of the trees are clearly visible and separate but the branches and leaves at the top merge into one shape. The background depicts a house with a bright blue door and hills to the distance, with blue skies and white clouds. The ground at the base of the trees shows grass verges and paths in shades of gray and blue, but there are no leaves at ground level. The painting utilises dense colour for the lower two thirds of the canvas while the upper third uses a lighter effect to create distance and lead the eye of the viewer to the sky.

The artist has used thick oil paint applied in broad brush strokes: this effect is particularly noticeable in the trees and foreground. Calver says of this piece that: “ the tree was a view from my bedroom window in Lewes, Sussex. As far as I can remember the tree was a sycamore.”

Jenny Calver studied at Camberwell Art School, London, then spent eighteen months painting in Cornwall and two years teaching art in Essex. After travelling widely and painting in various locations, notably East Africa, she now lives and works in the Scottish Borders. She has exhibited widely in London, South-East England, Malacca and Malaysia. Her work consists mainly of landscape painting with some portraiture. She also has a strong interest in botany and horticulture.

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