By Perpetua Pope

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Still Life and Flowers
Reg. Number
69 x 84.5 cm

'Flowers' is an oil-on-canvas, created with thick gestural paint marks. The image is built up around the solid palette of complementary yellows and purples, and is then enhanced by the playful additions of grey and blue hues. There is no black present in the work, which is a huge indicator that the piece was influenced by the Impressionist movement. To create this painting, Perpetua has worked the paint in a wet-on-wet manner, using both a palette knife and brush, taking several months to complete the image. For the background, the fat-over-lean method has been successfully adopted to build up the paint on her surface

Perpetua Pope was born 1916 in Warwickshire, and studied art at Edinburgh College of Art. She had only completed two years of her course when World War II began, and she enlisted in the WAAF on the day War was declared. She returned to the Art College to complete her course when hostilities ended. After college she taught at Moray House but, she says, she had always been a painter who taught, rather than a teacher who painted, and so, in 1972, she gave up teaching to paint full-time.

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