Across the Water
By Alison Auldjo

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
41 x 48 cm

Alison recognises that it is within natural surroundings that she can best realise her innermost feelings, often seeking the most remote or comforting places to reflect or record important developments in her life. Her paintings are not necessarily traditional or representational, however, they do have an autobiographical element.

Across the Water is inspired by a beach near Applecross. The brilliant orange of the sand contrasts beautifully with the gentle blue of the sky, whilst the appearance of the brush strokes that remain on the card create a sense of movement within the painting. Alison uses the titles of her work to reflect a state of mind, instead of the geographical location they take inspiration from. Across the Water relates to the comforting idea that the grass is always greener on the other side.

Alison completed her studies at Edinburgh College of Art. She is now the owner & director of Union Gallery in Edinburgh.

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