Autumn Fields
By Marjorie I Campbell

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
45 x 31 cm

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The warm pinks and oranges in this landscape give the impression of a lazy autumnal afternoon, with the sun creating long shadows on the hill. These give volume to the curved path with draws the eye up the hill behind the trees, generating a movement in the image which is contained within the static borders of the trees. Jim Ede, former curator, wrote that Marjorie"s work had "magic in the clarity of varied tones". There is a strong creamy texture produced by the overlay of oils. At the bottom of the painting, the beige, granulated paper is visible beneath the paint.

Marjorie Anderson was born in 1936 to medical missionary parents in Changzhi, northern inland China. Her childhood and holidays in the Scottish countryside provided her earliest subject matter. The work was characterized by keen and perceptive observation, and a profound respect and sensitivity for the forms of nature. Her life-long exploration of materials and techniques gave her the ability to express her experience in her art. She became a painter, illustrator, teacher, lecturer, quilter, photographer, and designer for copper-wheel engraving on glass. While she was committed to family life with its joys and sorrows, responsibilities and interruptions, Marjorie did not allow these to extinguish her art but rather incorporated her wealth of experience through her art into a personal vision. She was seldom fully satisfied with her own work and many hundreds of works were relegated to loft space so that it has been for others to reveal the full extent of this important contribution to Scottish art after her death in 1999.

Marjorie has left a rich legacy of her work in the visual arts, textiles, glass decorative design and form, writings and poetry. She wrote " I think what I feel about women's work, is that women's lives are like a ruck-sack with the tools for life. And as they pause to have another child, or whatever, they take a different tool out, which brings the richness of their lives, the variety of their lives into the next loup, the next loup of work." []

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