Royal Purple
By Colin Black

Reg. Number
41.5 x cm

Colin Black’s “Royal Purple” is an impressionistic landscape that emphasises the range of tones of a summer evening by contrasting the vibrant late evening sky with the diverse colours of the terrain.

The bands of coloured collage are arranged horizontally, but the curve of the outlines and suggests undulating ground or the boundaries between fields. The colours outside of the main orange-purple spectrum stand out in particular, such as the sliver of green on the right and the yellow and blue slivers that bisect the centre, suggesting patches of grass or flowers. A strip of brown sand frames a deep turquoise sea, composed of several shades: below this, painted sections of collage reflect the pinks of the sky, and a band of intense purple bisects the centre of the painting, mottled with bright mauve and pink to suggest that the ground is covered in heather.

The foreground consists of a large section of brownish orange, with streaks of purple, light orange and red. There are two small printed pieces of collage near the bottom of the painting which contain Celtic motifs, reminiscent of medieval manuscripts.

Colin Black studied Graphic Design at Chelsea School of Art and the Royal College of Art in London. He worked in London for fourteen years at major design practices before starting his teaching career. He is currently a member of staff at Leith School of Art and exhibits regularly at the Open Eye Gallery in Edinburgh.

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