Inner Vision - Past, Present, Future
By Drew Walker

Subject Matter
Landscape - People
Reg. Number
91 x 125 cm

This image draws upon the profound mystery that is the self. Through his piece, Drew attempts to communicate the idea of the mind which he believes is being shaped and influenced by the past, present and future; constantly changing environments which lead people to introspective thinking and questioning who they are.

Drew Walker says “I am an artist who happens to struggle with mental health issues. I channel my illness through my art as a core theme and mode of research.” He is also a video artist, photographer, soundscape creator. The performer is able to pursue a creative outlet for his mental illness, which some people would deem as his negative side.

Walker wishes to explore a type of art which can lead to healing for him and others and also acts as conduit to facilitate a discussion between medical professionals and those affected personally from any kind of mental trauma. The artist’s work chronicles his narratives through his mental landscape, embracing his illness and trying to bring equilibrium to his life. Through his artwork, the artist tries to discover a new way forward for creative thinking while being mentally ill.

Drew is currently enrolled in a Masters of Fine Art - Society and Publics programme at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee and is investigating the theme of mental illness and art.

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