The Muse
By Jenny Martin

Subject Matter
Urban and Architectural
Reg. Number
77 x 63 cm

Jenny's work is heavily influenced by her travels, particularly her visits to Pompeii and India featuring scenes of bustling markets and urban cityscapes, or archaic buildings often intertwined with plants other vegetation. These motifs attempt to document human activity, without necessarily presenting the human form.

"Illusion and reality, memory and fact are associations fundamental to my painting and printmaking. Artefacts: painting; sculpture; jewellery; liturgical objects inspire me and acquire new significance and context in my work through their position and juxtaposition. I choose the objects and images initially because I respond instinctively to their colour and aesthetic qualities. However, I am also concerned with their meaning; past significance or use, or a kind of universal significance".

"Whilst people themselves rarely feature in my work, the fact that they were once or are still in a place, leaving a mark, a wall painting or an object is what interests me. I want to create a sense of human presence and activity through these clues rather than necessarily depicting life itself".

After studying at the University of Edinburgh, Jenny Martin went on to the Edinburgh College of Art and gained an MA (Hons) in Fine Art in 1996. She also furthered her studies by gaining, an MFA in Painting. Since completing her studies Martin has developed an affinity with printmaking, and has exhibited her work across Britain, throughout both Scotland and London. As such, her works are featured in many private and public art collections. She has also received many awards, most recently from the Fenton Arts Trust. Martin currently holds a teaching position as Development Manager at Leith School of Art, and continues to work both as an artist and as a scholar, having contributed to many publications, as part of ‘The Artist Magazine’.

Jenny Martin's Profile at Edinburgh Printmakers

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