Cytokinesis I
By Martin Banks

Mixed Media and Collage
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
120 x 116 cm

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Thank you Alistair Lessells for very generously gifting this artwork to the Art in Healthcare Collection.

Martin Banks was born in 1962 in Bellshill, Scotland. He currently lives and works in Kassel, Germany with his German wife and two small children. His work is a mixture of scientific and esoteric ideas and is mainly abstract (Text taken from

The artist has said of this work: 'I was interested in abstract work and found source material from university text books on the cell. The photos of the different aspects of the cell taken under the microscope provided the visual starting point for the work. I did not try to copy the photos but began to develop the idea in paint of the constant growth and death of the cell...a continual motion of life. I used acrylic and pastels on canvas or paper and worked in this way for a couple of years. My current work is stylistically different, but it is still preoccupied with the theme of life and what constitutes our reality (as it exists at a quantum level).'

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