Marcus and a Pink
By Patrick Procktor

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
60 x 82 cm

Thank you to Dennis and Jenny Smith for very generously gifting this artwork to the Art in Healthcare Collection.

Patrick Procktor 1936-2003
Patrick Procktor was born in Dublin in 1936. In 1965 his paintings were still, as he later put it, "far from realistic." Using oil paint or watercolour he later became more interested in capturing appearances, bucking the normal trend towards abstraction. He was a celebrated autobiographical painter whose post-modern landscapes and portraits - whether in China, Egypt, England or India - remain personal, distinctive, and recognisable.

His Highgate School art master was Kyffin Williams, and from 1958-62 he studied at the Slade School, later writing that his painting developed in "the dark figurative tradition which then held sway".
Patrick Procktor's first show at the Redfern in 1962 sold out before the opening. From then on until his death, the artist and gallery stayed together in a loyal and highly successful partnership, co-operating in numerous exhibitions in England and abroad.

He won various painting prizes and was elected Royal Academician in 1995.
His work is in innumerable private collections and in eight British public collections including the Tate Gallery. It is also in the Metropolitan Museum, New York, the Los Angeles County Museum, the Old Jail Art Center, Albany, Texas and the Sao Paulo Museum of Art, Brazil. [The Redfern Gallery].

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