By Ian Robertson

Mixed Media and Collage
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
129 x 110 cm

Thank you to Ian Robertson for very generously gifting this artwork to the Art in Healthcare Collection.

Ian's playful symbolism, patterns and colour evoke a painterly language that requires the viewer to become familiarised with the painting in order to feel its rhythm and understand, potentially, their meaning. The intriguing title Baraka, which describes the beneficent spiritual force that flows through the physical and spiritual spheres - suggests a spiritual dimension to this painting. Combined with the warm colours and forms, such as the red sun, the ancient Greek vase and the sea shell, we could imagine that the inspiration for this painting came from the Mediterranean or the Middle East.

Ian Robertson was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and studied at Gray's School of Art and Aberdeen College of Education. He is the recipient of many awards, such as the Scottish Arts Council Purchase Award (1987), RSA Guthrie Award, RSA Scottish Arts Club Prize. His works are in private and public collections, including: University of Edinburgh, Highland Regional Council, Gray's School of Art, Lothian University Hospitals NHS Trust, etc.

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