Highland Landscape
By Denis Peploe

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
83 x 96 cm

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This piece depicts a highland landscape, featuring a loch in the foreground surrounded by several rocky outcrops leading up to the hills in the distance. The piece divides the landscape into horizontal thirds: the sky, which takes up the upper third, is dark and looms over the landscape, threatening rain; the lower thirds consist of the terrain, composed of light browns, khakis and yellows in contrast against the dark colours of the sky and the blue of the loch. The sombre colour palette adds a melancholy mood to the vast space depicted and is remniscent of the style demonstrated in the artist's other Highland piece. The artist has used oils on canvas, and individual brushstrokes are visible throughout, lending a sense of strength to the landscape.

Denis (Frederic Neil) Peploe was born in Edinburgh in 1914. His mother was a Gaelic-speaking Hebridean: his father, Samuel John Peploe, was a noted still-life painter and one of the Scottish Colourists. From an early age Denis painted with his father: after leaving Edinburgh Academy in 1931 he attended the Edinburgh College of Art and went on to study in Paris and travel throughout France and Spain. During the Second World War he served in the Royal Artillery and the Intelligence Corps as a member of the Special Operations Executive: after the war he returned to painting, and over the next four decades he exhibited in Edinburgh, London and Glasgow. He taught at the ECA for nearly twenty-five years. He was elected an Associate of the Royal Scottish Academy in 1956 and a full Academician in 1966, and regularly contributed characteristic work to the annual exhibitions of the RSA. Examples of his paintings are in many private and public collections. Denis died in Edinburgh in 1993.

Landscapes featured widely in his work, though he also produced still-lives and figure studies. He had a particular affinity for the landscapes of the Western Highlands and the Hebrides, the homeland of his family.

Denis Peploe's Obituary in the Independent

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