Smoke Screen
By Therese Oulton

Subject Matter
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141 x 127 cm

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This picture is an abstract composition with a complicated and carefully worked surface. The background is painted with light watercolour to resemble a rocky landscapes. The surface depicts multiple arc-shapes in impasto, with slight variations between the repetitions. The viewer’s attention focuses on the colourful impasto: Oulton’s work demonstrates an interest in repeated forms, often a patterned after strips of film negatives.

Oulton's work is essentially abstract though her early work often resembles rocky landscapes. Later works, often executed in a thick impasto, are abstract compositions with complicated and carefully worked surfaces. A number of Oulton's later works use multiple repeated images, often with slight variations between the repetitions.

Therese Oulton is an English painter and printmaker. She was born in Shropshire in 1953 and studied at St Martin's School of Art between 1975 and 1979, followed by the Royal College of Art, 1980 from to 83. In 1984 she had her first solo show, at Gimpel Fils Gallery, London, and she quickly established a reputation with her sombre, richly worked abstract and semi-abstract paintings, which often evoke landscape or architectural forms. In 1987, Oulton was nominated for the Turner Prize. Her work is included in several public collections including Dallas Museum of Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tate Gallery, UK Government Art Collection and the British Council Art Collection.

With thanks to The Tate, WorthPoint and The BBC for information about this artist.

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