Japanese Anemones
By James Harrigan

Subject Matter
Still Life and Flowers
Reg. Number
82.5 x 98.5 cm

'Japanese Anemones' is a bold depiction of delicate flowers: their fragility is expressed through the use of an elegant, pale pink watercolour wash. The flowers are spread in abundance across the canvas and seem to evade the frame of the window grids which resemble the architecture of a conservatory or greenhouse. The plants growing in numerous pots and the vast compositional spread of the anemones across the canvas surface emphasis the theme of constant and continual growth in nature and this is has an uplifting and positive visual effect. The rich purple grapes and block colour of the tree foliage outside represent a denser representation of nature's continuity, in contrast to the ephemeral and delicate painterly quality of the anemones. The luminescent white paint used for the architectural frame and bright sky reinforce a radiant, summer scene.

Widely exhibited around Scotland, James Harrigan was born in Ayr in 1937 and obtained a diploma in drawing and painting from Glasgow School of Art in 1960. Having travelled around the world, James finds the landscapes of Scotland and the Caribbean the most consistently inspiring, enabling him to paint his lush natural landscapes from life.

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