At A Window
By David Michie

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Domestic and Home - Landscape
Reg. Number
115.5 x 115.5 cm

David Michie's (1928 - 2015) first years immersed in the sun soaked landscape of the South of France were to have a lasting effect on him. Not only did it give him awareness of colour, but it gave him a taste for a life outside Scotland that was to inspire a love for travel which has lasted a lifetime. On returning to Hawick at the age of eight he was placed into a landscape of a different sort. David's gaze focused on the smaller aspects of the natural world, like a dragonfly skimming across a ponds surface.

David's lack of interest in conventional landscape painting led him to create a visual language which was completely unique. Not constricted by academic drawing, his compositions of flora and fauna are simplified in form and often float in an ambiguous space of flattened colour and pattern. The world that the artist described is abundant and diverse and appeals directly to our senses. His images of people, often inspired by foreign travel, feature subjects as diverse as jazz musicians, skateboarders and fisherman. All are perfect snapshots of the bizarre natural drama of the human experience. His most recent works focus on the theme of Midnight Tango, and are made with the same wit, strong colour and harmonious design for which he is renowned.

Much like his friends and contemporaries, Elizabeth Blackadder and John Houston, David's principal contribution to the Scottish art world is as a printmaker. However, he has worked extensively as a painter; a pursuit that he took seriously and from which he believed one can gain great pleasure.

David Michie studied at the Edinburgh College of Art from 1947 to 1953 under the painter William Gillies. He was awarded a travelling scholarship upon graduating and travelled to Italy in 1953 with fellow painter and friend John Houston. On returning to Edinburgh he took up a post at the College of Art, becoming Head of Drawing and Painting from 1982 until 1990.

He was an elected member of the Royal Scottish Academy, The Royal Glasgow Institute and past President of the Society of Scottish Artists. He was awarded an OBE in 1997. His paintings are held in the collection of H.M. The Queen, The Scottish Arts Council, The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and other major public collections of Scottish art.

Art in Healthcare's blog entry about David Michie

Art in Healthcare's blog entry about David Michie

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