Four Racers
By Helga Chart

Mixed Media and Collage
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
90.5 x 55 cm

This image is very literal as it seems that the piece consists of four different species of racing pigeon. Each bird is different in its own unique way - the colours of their feathers differ and also some of their features. This artwork is on a wooden board and has been created with collage overlaid with paint. A couple of the birds are speckled with flecks of paint in order to depict their individuality. Throughout the image earthy tones have been used echoing the birds' natural habitat. They are all lined up in a vertical row, as though they are preparing to race one another. There is also a border around the edge of the picture, where patches of different material have been placed in a series and at equal spacing. This gives the sense of a rhythm, possibly representing birds in graceful flight. They are painted in a loose style with blocks of colour which merge slightly, indicating movement or unity. This artwork has been created in a very linear and orderly manner, which conveys the uniform way in which birds fly and travel together.

Other materials that Chart experiments with include inks resins and foils, which she claims "intrigues and attracts the viewer". Her art is made with the intent of being so fascinating that it is unavoidable. However, her creations do not just come to mind spontaneously, despite the fact that she likes to work with speed and urgency once she has the thought in mind. These ideas can take weeks, months, even years to develop, with periods of drought in between. Chart also enjoys creative experimentation and enjoys discovering new techniques and ideas. Her whole process becomes part of the art and the adventure, and she was influenced in pursuing this path in her early years by her tutors at the Edinburgh College of Art.

Edinburgh based artist Helga Chart studied at Edinburgh at the College of Art. This was followed by twelve years teaching in Edinburgh schools, and another fourteen years teaching and lecturing in art and design at the Edinburgh Telford College. Since then Helga has focused on her own personal projects, and has dedicated her time to her own painting and artwork.

Chart has frequently shown work with the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour and Visual Arts Scotland and has been presented with awards from highly recognised societies. She has also previously served as Vice President for both of these societies. Her work is held both in private and public collections and is widely collected in the UK and overseas.

With thanks to the RSW for artist information

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