Three Spanish Arches
By Jila Peacock

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
65 x 82 cm

The Spanish arches in this artwork are painted loosely in a semi-abstract manner with bold stripes and swipes of colour providing an interesting contrast between this modern painterly style and the ancient form of the classical ionic type columns. The columns are painted in vivid warm tones that convey the brightness and transformative nature of light in atmospheres of high humidity, such as of this Spanish setting. The modern style is also evident in their contrast to the unnatural blue colour of the mountains in the background as well as the flowers which are painted in a simple yet vividly bold pointillist manner. The primary importance of colour and the bold diagonal compositional structure means this work fits in the Expressionist genre.

Jila Peacock was born in 1948 in Iran and studied and practised Medicine at London University before graduating in painting from St Martin’s School of Art in 1984. She worked as Artistic Director for ENO’s Baylis Programme from 1989 to 1992 and moved to Glasgow in 1990, where she wokred as a part-time lecturer in the Glasgow School of Art and as a member of the Glasgow Print Studio while continuing to exhibit regularly in Scotland and London. Her collaboration with composer Sally Beamish resulted in a multi-media project The Seafarer Piano trio, first performed at the Alderton Arts festival in 2001. Her work has been featured in exhibitions hosted by National Museum of Scotland, the National Library of Scotland, the Sackler Museum at Harvard University, Boston and the British Museum.

In 2003-4, with an award from the Arts and Humanities Research Board she produced a hand-printed edition of a book of ten poems by Hafez, a fourteenth century Iranian poet, which was exhibited at The Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge in 2005 and the "Word into Art" exhibition at the British Museum exhibition, in 2006. The book won the British Book Design Award in the literature in November 2006. In 2008, two of her shape-poems formed the basis for the short animation film "Tongue of the Hidden", which was short-listed for a Scottish BAFTA.

Peacock has previously been involved in workshops with children at the Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh which inspired a series of paintings entitled, The Patient Child. A great friend to Art in Healthcare, she has many pieces in the collection as well as having worked as artist and workshop leader on the charity's Children's Project.

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With thanks to the BBC Your Paintings website for information about this artist

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