Kinnel Water, June
By Sheila Mullen

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
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Sheila Mullen was born in 1942 in Glasgow and studied at Glasgow School of Art in the 1960's. She now lives in the Scottish Borders, and takes inspiration from the landscape, history and culture of the area. Her bright colours and bold brushstrokes are reminiscent of the Scottish Colourists.

In 2006 she collaborated with a group of Scottish writers in a project called "The Art of Ballads and Bards". She describes herself as "a singer of ballads in a different medium". In 2010 she was the subject of a book by Ann Matheson: "The Bairns o' Adam: The Paintings of Sheila Mullen".

Sheila has been inspired by her surroundings of Dumfriesshire, in particular the strength of feeling she encountered around the areas of Annandale and Kinnel Water. She has explored this landscape with a passion that is "almost religious in intensity".

Sheila Mullen moved to Annandale in Dumfriesshire in 1978. Since her move, she has been exploring the landscape through her artwork. For her, the elements, plants, trees, rocks, animals and humans are equal and dependent parts of a living organism. Her works have been exhibited all around the world from Paris, to Edinburgh and from London to Hong Kong.

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