Borders Landscape
By James Fleming

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
96 x 186 cm

As the title suggests this painting is a landscape scene of the Borders composed in a non-representational manner. The large rectangular canvas allows for an expansive panorama of remote countryside with large hills and forests under a cloudy sky. The muted palette of the sky, the field in the foreground and the blocks of colour on either side creates a border for the central lush green hills and fields suggesting that the season is turning as the trees in the foreground have also started to shed their leaves.

Fleming applies the oil paint with various techniques. A thin wash of blue-grey in the sky allows the white canvas to shine through in places, particularly in representing the clouds. The paint is applied more generously in depicting the abundant greenery of the central countryside. Unusual shapes are created with blocks of colour to indicate various fields and forests.

Fleming lives on his family farm in Fife and his love of the natural world is apparent in this landscape scene. The hills and fields of trees are roughly painted in although the overall effect is one of a lush and fertile countryside.

Born in Colinsburgh, Fife, in 1948, James Fleming graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1972 with a Diploma of Art in Sculpture. In 1971 he won the Andrew Grant travelling scholarship with which he travelled to Italy. In 1972 he studied at Moray House College of Education and taught art in Scottish high schools for a time but returned to his family farm in 1977 and has continued farming since then. Although continuing to draw and paint at home he has not exhibited or accepted any commissions since the 1970s.

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