Glasgow Street Scene
By Emily Learmont

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185 x 154 cm

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Emily Learmont uses her art to capture moments of life and the world, and "Glasgow Street Scene" is no exception: it uses a simplistic approach to capture an everyday scene and render it in an original way.
This piece depicts a scene that is familiar to many people: a busy city centre, with roads clogged with traffic. However, the piece has been rendered in a stylised, simplistic style that boils the scene down to its essential elements: streets, cars, pedestrians, buses, buildings and shops. The grey which dominates the background contrasts with the lively colour of the traffic, so that neither seems odd or misplaced.

Born in Edinburgh in 1965, Emily Learmont studied at Glasgow School of Art and the Royal Academy schools in London. She won a travel scholarship to Paris and the Christie's Award for painting in 1990. She has painted across Europe, including working as artist-in-residence at the Kunstcentrum in Leiden, The Netherlands. She has illustrated for a range of institutions, including NHS Health Scotland, the Scottish Storytelling Centre and Speechmark Publishing. She teaches in the Education Department of the National Galleries of Scotland. Many of her works are about watching the world: she says that "in the same way that someone would re-tell a story my imagination would sometimes take over and the cumulative effects of thoughts and memories would make careful perspective seem unnecessary."

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