The Garden Pond
By Vivien Alexander

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Still Life and Flowers
Reg. Number
202.5 x 146.5 cm

Vivien Alexander is a Scottish artist born on the Isle of Arran. Alexander draws inspiration from domestic subject matter and landscapes that hold great significance to her. The intimacy of the scenes that she depicts is sharply contrasted with the use of vibrant colour and energetic strokes that bring life and joy to quite scenes of everyday life.

The intimacy of this garden scene highlights the life that Alexander captures with her brush strokes. She captures a particular amount of movement with the addition of the fish to the pond. Her strokes work in such a way that the water looks to flow underneath the lily pads and the fish swim around. The warmth of the sun is felt in the colours as the light hits the stone border of the pond, and as Alexander invited the viewer to observe the fish as they swim childlike curiosity can be felt.

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