Angus Landscape from Lumley Den
By Margaret Mitchell

Subject Matter
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76 x 96 cm

In Angus Landscape from Lumley Den the painterly spray effect of the richly coloured line of trees near the cottage is suggestive of the tumultuous power of the wind in the landscape. Margaret has been quoted as saying In Britain the sheer discomfort of cold, wind and rain adds an urgency to the brush not to be found in the studio and this romantic climatic notion is conveyed through her work.

Margaret has used watercolour in a loose and fluid manner in this painting. The washes of colour are held together by lines drawn with the brush. The sense of the power of the natural world is exaggerated through the small scale of the cottages in the landscape. The dark, navy sky reinforces the idea of perpetual transformation of the natural world. The transparent yellows and blue-greens used to portray the fields contrast with the opaqueness of the brooding sky.

Mitchell states that "painting out of doors holds for me a unique and compulsive excitement. In Britain the sheer discomfort of cold, wind and rain add an urgency to the brush not to be found in the studio. In the tropics, the pleasure of working in warm conditions is a welcome change, whilst flamboyant colours and dramatic contrasts of bright sun and deep shade present very different subjects from the soft light and gentle subtlety of Northern climes. Knowing that the landscape might suddenly vanish in a downpour, or the flower reach full bloom and drop, gives me a sense of immediacy on which I thrive".

Margaret "Maggie" Lascelles (née Mitchell) was born in 1942 in Edinburgh, and was evacuated to Bermuda during World War Two. She studied Art at Dartington Hall Art Centre in Devon, Edinburgh College of Art and Dundee College of Art. She has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Edinburgh and her work is featured in private collections worldwide. She currently lives in Glenfarg Perthshire. She has painted all over the world, and particularly enjoys painting outdoors.

With thanks to The Carlton Gallery for information about this artist.

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