By Chris Guise

Acrylic and Gouache Printmaking
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
77 x 150 cm

Chris Guise's 'Sunset' uses solvent transfer and acrylic to portray the sun setting behind a line of trees. The painting consists of just three things; ground, trees and sky. The ground and trees are back-lit and dark, whilst the sky is executed in glowing shades of pink and white. The blackened ground and trees fuse together and frame the sunset. On the one hand, the sunset could be trapped between the dark tree trunks. On the other, the trees create portals we could pass through to get to the ebbing light.

At first glance, the painting appears to concentrate all its effort on the foreground but we can see shadows of young, thin trees in the background, obscured by the haze of the setting sun. We cannot distinguish much of the landscape beyond the large trees in the foreground. This raises the question of what lies beyond the large, shadowy trees and what the sunset is hiding.

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