By Lindsay Turk

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
122 x 152 cm

This image depicting clouds floating overhead is a typical example of the work of Lindsay Turk, which focuses on capturing the light and atmosphere of a single moment or a particular place. Her work draws attention to the subtle changes, cycles and rhythms throughout the natural world and its central purpose is to capture this fleeting moments in nature and giving them solidity and permanence in order to allow the viewer to appreciate the subtleties of nature that can often be overlooked.

This large canvas demonstrates Turk's astonishing ability to capture near-photographic levels of detail in oils, to the extent that it is easy to mistake the piece for a large photograph from a distance. Though the piece consists of three principle blocks of colour - white, grey and blue - the artist has used many subtle gradations of shade to capture the quality of the clouds. It is particularly striking how the artist has captured the light shining above the clouds in the upper left corner, in contrast to the darkness of the lower left corner.

Lindsay Turk graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art in 1998 and has been involved in exhibitions throughout the UK, including the Royal Scottish Academy Student Exhibition, an exhibition at the Royal Bank of Scotland Headquarters in Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Festival. She lives and works in Perthshire.

With thanks to Frames Gallery for artist information

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