By Penny Wheatley

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
79 x 64 cm

Penny's work is driven by her interest in animals and birds. Thus, much of her artwork has a representational quality to it. She has a special love for snow leopards and tigers and has a pet Bengal Cat whom she calls 'her muse, inspiration and great love.' 'Depths' is a departure from her animal subject matter because it is a close up view of the surface of water. She employs an expressive and energetic use of paint which gives a lot of movement in this image; the swirling lines and layers of paint suggest a rhythmic flow and under-current in the painting. Some areas have little detail, whereas others have quite intense areas of intricately interlacing lines. Almost like fabric, the surface rises and falls in a soothing and tranquil rhythm. There is a great deal of tonal variety and shades, despite the limited palette that the artist chose to use.

Before pursuing a career in art, Penny studied music and still has a diverse range of interests including music, pottery, poetry, sculpture and painting.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries such as the Royal Academy, Royal Scottish Academy, Ackerman's of Old Bond Street and The Scottish Gallery. She has also had solo shows in Abbot Hall Gallery in Kendal, Edinburgh City Library, and Old Gala House in the Scottish Borders.

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