46 Discarded Objects
By John Galloway

Mixed Media and Collage Sculpture Textiles and Craft
Subject Matter
Reg. Number

Thank you David Oxley for adopting this artwork.

Each of these apparently discarded objects/pieces of rubbish have been lovingly and painstakingly made from another material. A feather is made from papier mache, a leaf is made of newspaper and a nail turns out to be made from a matchstick. The knowledge that the objects are fake, combined with their striking realism, gives this piece its whimsical and disturbing feel.

John Galloway (born Glasgow 1953), attended Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Dundee. In 1978 he joined the army and spent 13 years in the KOSB and the RAMC. He recently worked for St Andrews University in the Anatomy Department producing anatomical models and medical illustrations. His sculpture reflects his military and medical background, recreating discarded objects of all sizes in a variety of materials. The connection he makes between the object he recreates and the material he uses - for example, nails made from matches, matches made from cork, corks from tampons - gives his work both a quirky yet disquieting edge.

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