Urban Colours
By Lindsey Nelson

Subject Matter
Urban and Architectural
Reg. Number
113.5 x 90 cm

Lindsey's 'Urban Colours' is a print work made in 2000 and reflects popular culture's ambivalence about the prospects of the millennium through the artists' choice of post-modern acid colour contrasts. The houses are painted as if in a bubble which could be interpreted as a visual allegory of distorted social expectations of the millennium or alternatively as simply a new perspective upon the ageing housing estate architecture. The orange paint emanating from the windows could be a depiction of the radiation of warmth and life of the inhabitants of the houses. The painting has an abstract, split composition with the outline of a female figure transposed on the left hand side of the canvas. The transparency of the figure could perhaps highlight the social possibilities for females in the dawning post-modern age - with the natural green colour of the figure indicating the organic potential of humanity. There is a camera exposure effect of black and purple in the lower right foreground which could be a form of visual allegory of the artist's creative process or, more abstractedly, related to the potential for social creativity and redevelopment in the new millennium.

Born in Paisley in 1976,Lindsey Nelson studied printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art and her artwork functions as escapism from what she perceives as the mundane nature of everyday urban life. Music and dance heavily influences her work and the bold colour contrasts relate to club culture of the 1990's and the hallucinatory effects of drugs associated with club culture. Lindsey is also interested in the use of computer technology to create art and make it accessible to a wider range of people.

As well as producing her own work, she runs a Dance School in Bishopriggs where she teaches pre-school to student level classes. Believing that her awareness of dance and music must inform her visual art, Lindsey wants her work to combine an awareness of the mass media and its effects on people's lives with the release which music can grant us in our everyday lives.

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