By Michael Visocchi

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
77 x 75 cm

In this image the montage of trees interacts with the snow-topped grass, juxtaposing scale and changing the sense of the image. It appears as if the trees are magnified versions of the blades of grass and we are getting an insight into another reality at a different scale. The installation was created in the landscape of the North East of Scotland and then photographed.

The sculptural form interacts with the clouds in the sky - an element that emphasizes the contrast of illustration and reality associated with the work. Varying weather conditions would produce an entirely different photograph, which gives the resulting piece a temporal quality.

Michael works with assembled sculptures, which he then photographs, playing with their relation with the surrounding landscape. Michael Visocchi's two main areas seem to be in landscape and sculpture, sometimes combining the two with montages, as in 'Snowcopse'. He is generally working within mixed media, often integrating architectural sculpture elements into landscapes in unconventional ways. His work could remind one of stage sets as it has this constructed quality, but what makes it unique is the way that that montage is integrated within the landscape and exposed to real atmospheric conditions which alters the sense of the scene dramatically.

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