Corn on the Cob
By Wendy Halstead

Subject Matter
Still Life and Flowers
Reg. Number
114 x 89 cm

This pencil on paper piece signed by Wendy Halstead describes a corn on the cob. Unlike some realistic drawings, Wendy exaggerates the figure of the corn on the cob, makes it stout and plump. The husks are peeled in the middle, exposing the plump kernels. Each kernel has been depicted exquisitely by light and shade connecting each kernel’s edge. The external dense vertical husks and the internal quadrilateral kernels create a strong visual contrast, making the middle kernels appear more vivid and fleshy. This work gives a feeling of earthiness and reminds us of the harvest.

In 1985, Wendy had her Solo Show – Sculptures – at the Collective Gallery, Edinburgh. Wendy has work in the Gracefield Arts Centre Collection.