Bankers, Brawlers and Businessmen: Tales of a Disparate City. Panel 2
By Lauren Bowman

Mixed Media and Collage
Subject Matter
Animals - Domestic and Home
Reg. Number
70 x 90 cm

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In a highly detailed painting Lauren Bowman presents an urban scene of shops and a playground populated by playful protagonists - cats, dogs and squirrels - of an anthropomorphic persuasion. The characters parody the many small joys and mundanities of human experience - shopping, eating fast food, visiting the hairdresser ("Shampooch") and the shoe shop ("Hush Puppies") - creating light-hearted and trivial narratives to which the artist lends a sense of significance via obsessive and elaborate ornamentation, which in turn resembles the detailing found in Islamic art. Pastel shades and muted colours predominate.

Lauren creates highly decorative contemporary miniature paintings populated by playful protagonists of an anthropomorphic persuasion. Characters throughout her painting parody the many small joys and mundanities of human experience, creating light hearted and trivial narratives to which she lends a sense of significance via obsessive and elaborate ornamentation.

Lauren says of her work:

"I see my practice as much a kin to written fiction as visual art; separate works follow a continuous divergent narrative with events and characters in individual paintings referencing the wider fiction via links to fabricated history and inferred ancestry.

Lauren Bowman graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2013 and has since taken part in multiple graduate shows including FBA Futures and RSA New Contemporaries. Lauren was Joint Winner of the Art in Healthcare Purchase Prize, RSA Young Contemporaries Exhibition 2014.

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