Shaded Pool
By Euphrosyne Andrews

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120 x 180 cm

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Euphrosyne Andrews is currently based in London studying at the Royal Drawing School, having graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2015.Her practice is grounded in printmaking, exploring the traditional role of the multiple and questioning the uncertain position of the decorative and applied arts within fine art.

Shaded Pool is a digital print on linen. Here Andrews is making use of new technology and textile printing to make her art instead of more traditional hand printing methods. The heavily abstracted composition features heavy black lines with transparent splotches of pink, green, and blue resting on top. The grainy texture of the work and the large quality of the shapes brings the viewer in to a zoomed in picture. It almost feels as if the viewer is looking at a close up of a microscopic organism.

''Ornament's uncertain position with contemporary fine art is a theme which underpins my work, questioning the division between the decorative and fine arts...I am interested in the role of the multiple concerning the circulation and globalisation of ornamental motifs, particularly regarding printmaking techniques, exploiting the traditional relationship with the multiple alongside the use of unique motifs.Working primarily with forms of making that are associated with decoration, craft, domesticity and function, I have been drawing upon ideas of the total aesthetic, bringing connotations of a domestic interior into the curation and relationship of works with one another.'' Euphrosyne Andrews

Winner of the Art in Healthcare Award at RSA New Contemporaries 2016, with funding from the Hope Scott Trust.

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