By Genevieve Murray

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
86 x 115 cm

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Genevieve Murray graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art in 2016 and she is the winner of the Art in Healthcare purchase award, with funding from the Turtleton Trust.

The portrait of Fran - in her passive pose, with gentle ruffles in her collar and sleeves, and her jewelry reminds us of 18th century portraits of women. However, Fran is looking into a very contemporary setting which is conveyed by bright and dynamic light coming from the outside and immediately we become aware that this is very much a contemporary woman caught in a moment of reflection.

'I take inspiration from historical portrait paintings and their traditional poses, which I like to reframe within a contemporary setting. Modern day technology allows me to rework the ambiance of the painting and bathe the figure in either artificial light or natural light. Both these types of light increase the colour and light saturation and I am drawn to vivid lighting and colour because it is visually interesting and the combination of the two leads to strong contrasts and dramatic visual effects. Through the use of composition and manipulation of colour and light I set a push-pull relationship between the figure and its environment and they work together to emphasise and compliment each other. The colour palette in ‘Fran’ is created by natural pigmented oil paint and the magenta and cobalt tones illuminate each other, together forms this pensive and dynamic portrait 'Genevieve Murray

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