Stripey Hat
By Sheila Chapman

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Landscape - People
Reg. Number
30 x 30 cm

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Sheila Chapman graduated from Oxford University in Physics, worked as a patent attorney and in 2016 graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art. She is the winner of the Art in Healthcare purchase award, with funding from the Turtleton Trust.

Sheila's sensitivity to people's interaction and relationship with their environment is evident in both artworks in Art in Healthcare's collection. Captured moments of leisurely walks with a hint of nostalgia and uncertainty are conveyed with rough brushstrokes and unexpected light or darkness - indicating the impermanence of our being and natural environment.

'I made paintings of figures, often children, in the landscape. My images are based on everyday experiences but in the process of painting they often change to become more other-worldly or dreamlike as I concentrate on the figures and what they may be thinking. Sometimes an eerie light or slightly surreal environment emerges, reflecting an uncertainty about what the future may be like for them. Painting for me is a way of distilling experience and thinking about life. The natural environment interests me as a living, changing organism which will always affect people's lives and which people, in turn, will always affect. I wonder how important the environment will become in my children's future lives, and the lives of their children, and what it may ultimately mean to them' Sheila Chapman

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