Checkered Floor
By Louisa Livingstone

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Domestic and Home
Reg. Number
160 x 130 cm

Louisa Livingstone graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2016 and has won the Art in Healthcare purchase award, with funding from the Turtleton Trust.

Checkered Floor invites the viewer to observe, close up, unnoticed domestic elements that make up our interior environments. Large size block colours and geometric shapes bring to the fore each element and draws our attention to the making of interiors and how we perceive them each day.

'The defining concepts of my practice are the domestic setting and the process of perception. Featuring contemporary culture and the objects and people around me, I have worked in the traditional genres of still life and interior painting. With the objective to impart the sensation of objects found in everyday life, the familiar is made unfamiliar, distorted through the action of painting to prolong and deepen how it is perceived' - Louisa Livingstone

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