Forth Floor
By Samantha Cheevers

Mixed Media and Collage
Subject Matter
Domestic and Home
Reg. Number
26 x 27 cm

Samantha Cheevers is a painter currently based in Port Glasgow. She is a recent graduate of Grays School of Art in Aberdeen. Her work was exhibited in the 2019 new Contemporaries Exhibition held at Edinburgh’s Royal Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture.

'My practice is influenced by urban exploration and places with themes of memory and nostalgia. I explore derelict locations as I find they are very intriguing places, which usually have a rich history to them. The photography and documentation I collect from these locations are key elements in creating a narrative to my work. I like to fill the spaces with items that relate to the place or objects that are more ambiguous, creating a comical or surreal tone to the work. I use various materials and techniques in my work ranging from watercolour pigments to laser engraving, creating depth and layers that mirror the aesthetic of the interiors.' Samantha Cheevers

Samantha is the winner of the Art in Healthcare prize at the Royal Scottish Academy - New Contemporaries - exhibition March 2019.

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