Seascape, Spain
By Sarah Leonard

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Sea and Boats
Reg. Number
129.5 x 94 cm

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The scale of Sarahs work, 'Seascape, Spain', and the highly expressive painterly effects such as the impasto (thickly applied paint) combine to produce a powerful personally significant landscape. The thick impasto and accompanying scratches made with the rough use of the brush convey a sense of the extreme turbulence of the crashing waves. This is contrasted with the deep crimson of the Spanish landmass; a visual rendering of the safety and the artists passion, which it represents. This juxtaposition of the dangerous sea and the safe destination leaves an impression of ambivalent hope upon the viewer. This is also implied through the white highlight of pure sunlight coming through the clouds in the top left of the canvas.

Sarah Leonard studied at Edinburgh College of Art and then travelled throughout Europe due to a grant from the Glasgow Artists Trust in 1983. She has worked and exhibited in both London and Glasgow, where she now lives.

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