Church, Auer, Sud Tirol
By Roy Wood

Mixed Media and Collage Watercolour
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
69 x 59 cm

This watercolour is of an Austrian landscape, with the distinctive church tower dominating the fields in the foreground and the green hills and snowy mountains behind.

The main colours are muted shades of green, brown and grey - possibly suggesting that it has recently been raining - and the lightly applied translucent paint effects emphasise that. Details of the elaborate church tower and the hills are picked out in heavy pencil lines. Very high snow-covered Alps form the background to the scene. Under a cerulean blue sky, the mountains are simply represented using the white paper, with blueish-grey shadows. They are outlined with faint pencil or painted lines.
In front of the church the fields are yellowish-green, with a long fence roughly drawn in a thick pencil. In the foreground, two tall fence-posts are also drawn in pencil, but these remain as outlines: the field behind can be seen through the posts. Pencil is also used to write some words on the painting to indicate the colours or effects the artist is looking for. Hazy blue-green is written on the hills, shadow┬Ł on the tower and, possibly firm light on the roof though this last phrase is unclear.
In this painting Roy has deliberately laid emphasis on the sketch-like properties of the watercolour medium. The paint is applied thinly and he has added apparently scribbled details in thick pencil and some handwritten instructions on colours and other effects. All of this gives the sense of a work in progress.

Roy Wood was a co-founder of the Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop in 1967. Many of his paintings and prints are based on work he has done while travelling to Italy, Germany and the United States in the 1970s and 1980s and more recently to Japan and China. Another major influence on his work is poetry and his exhibition at Patriothall in May 2012 was called Ulysses, with the subtitle, Sailing to Byzantium, inspired by the poems of Tennyson and W B Yeats.

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