Mexican Puzzle
By Roger Cameron

Acrylic and Gouache
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
90.5 x 112.5 cm

This painting by Roger Cameron depicts a vivid Mexican market with a series of awnings providing shade to the figures below them, while irregular shapes float above. The use of gouache and acrylic paints lends itself to the creation of strong design and a distinctive graphic quality, combining vibrant colours with bright reflective textures.

The figures sitting under the awnings have been sketched and the initial lines are still visible. It is almost possible to make out their individual features, which are subtly hidden by the shade of their sunhats. Despite the detail given to the market scene, it is not the focus of this piece - it is not depicted in full and only takes up the lower third of the canvas. Instead, the focus of the piece is upon the four shapes above the awnings, which are filled with energetic colours ranging from white to yellow and brown. The shapes are faintly organic but their purpose is unclear, leaving their interpretation is open to debate. It is possible they may be symbols, or they may simply be abstract representations with no further purpose besides their aesthetic value. They may form the puzzle that is alluded to in the title.

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