Route to Selcuk
By Alice Shannon

Mixed Media and Collage
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
49.5 x 43 cm

Seen at the top of the painting is the image of a fort decorated with arrows and turrets. It balances on top of three wheels, suggesting a playful sense of humour and fun. The piece is highly patterned in detailed areas where small dabs of creamy paint have been applied in rows. These contrast with larger blocks of rich greens, oranges, yellows, and reds. The warm, vibrant colours appear to glow beneath the shiny surface of the picture which is signed by the artist, Alice Shannon.

Alice has built up layers using mixed media on card and scratched into the paint as part of the process. Looking closely it appears that some collage might have been included. This has created a textured surface like a woven textile or perhaps a Turkish carpet.

Alice writes "Selcuk (Sel-chook) was a small town in Turkey where I stayed. Situated in the town is a hill called Saint Jean. It is very steep and a ruined fort stands at the top....I loved the hill and the fort, so I put it on wheels so as I might take it home with me". As a student at Dundee Art College in the 1980's she was encouraged to look at work by Edward Burra, Edward Baird, Felice Casorati and the Magic Realists. After graduating in 1990 with a degree in Drawing and Painting, she spent some time working in Art Therapy with physically handicapped adults at Anton House, Broughty Ferry. Alice is considered to be an artist from the Dundee Imagist School, a name used by The Head of Fine Art, Professor Alan Robb to describe the emergence of a distinctive style of highly finished, brightly coloured work that is funny, realistic yet surrealist.

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