By Robert Adam

Subject Matter
Abstract - Sea and Boats
Reg. Number
64 x 82 cm

Robert, born in 1951, studied at the University of Cambridge before working in publishing. In 1982 he studied at Edinburgh College of Art, then moving to the Slade where he specialised in printmaking.

Landfall is one of nineteen prints which form ‘The Edinburgh Suite’ which was commissioned to become a visual experience of Scotland’s capital city. It is inspired by one of the most popular Child Ballads of Scottish origin, ‘Sir Patrick Spens’. The story goes that the King of Scotland has called for the greatest sailor in the land to command a ship for a royal errand. Sir Patrick Spens is recommended by a courtier and the king sends a letter to him. Sir Patrick is shocked at being commanded to put to sea in the dead of winter, sadly realising this voyage could well be his last.