By Dorothy Black

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
128 x 96 cm

The composition of a strong lively female figure, serenely poised yet animatedly pursuing the creative task in hand, dominates this painting. The intent concentration of the female is evident as her gaze is directed towards the flowing ribbon. The soft and sensual use of colour, line and pattern creates a character that is strong and alluring and a warmth and atmosphere is creating by subtle tonal changes that give the impression of the subject being surrounded by light and shadow. Dorothy uses bold black line to outline the female form creating an almost contrasting hard edge to symbolise the strength and assertiveness of the female character.

Dorothy's work is characterised by strong draughtsmanship and powerful imagery. Concentrating in the main on the female figure, she breathes life into these, animating them in a series of striking poses and gestures. Contrasts are evident in the use of media.

Dorothy continues to explore the possibilities the human figure offers and to develop her style, marrying solid structural drawing with pure enjoyment of media, in particular painterly qualities.

Dorothy studied at Edinburgh College of Art and has participated in many group and solo exhibitions within the UK and America, and has gained a wide reputation for her work.

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