Womens Best Friend
By Jane Miller

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
84 x 115.5 cm

This piece is a linocut that depicts an abstract representation of a woman and her dogs. The piece is made up of three definite sections: the first two depict the upper body of a woman holding a brown dog, while a black dog looks on to the right. the left her black clad trousered legs and bare feet, and on the left a large black dog. The woman has short red hair in braids and is wearing a choker necklace: she rests on her elbow as she cradles a brown dog that appears to be licking her face. Her trousers have an embroidered daisy pattern on the hems and disproportionately large and feet protruding from them. The dog on the right is black with long shaggy legs and appears to be the same breed as the smaller one. The piece is stylised and reminiscent of tribal artwork: interestingly, both dogs are baring their teeth, suggesting a darker edge to the sense of play depicted in the scene.

Jane Miller graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1993. This piece is from the 1993 Graduation Collection from the Glasgow School of Art

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