By Joan Fisher

Mixed Media and Collage Printmaking
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
112 x 147 cm

This piece is a collage and print with a decidedly peaceful feel created by calm colours and gentle textures. The body of the work is set against a plain white background, the edges of the "Scape" are ragged, creating the impression an old piece of paper that has been folded for a long time and then unfolded. This creates with the crease lines in an ordered grid pattern, formed by four straight lines at each edge. In contrast, the paper is curved at the corners, so that each edge has a different shape.

The piece uses organic creams, browns and greens in muted shades. The most distinctive area is a group of dark blue leaf shapes in the centre, set against a darker patch of brown. Below this there is an area of grey-green shapes that resemble the pattern of leaf pressings, with a colour wash applied on top. A feather has been added to the right, and there are two abstract shapes in the upper right and left in a darker brown. The bottom left curve contains a dark area of greens and creams which form a series of organic swirls.

Joan Fisher received The David Gordon Memorial Trust Award second prize for this piece at the Royal Scottish Academy Student Exhibition in 1994.

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