Airs: Mountain and Dream
By Michael Waight

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
57 x 44 cm

Michael Waight's work is mostly about landscapes. This piece represents the figure of a mountain and the creation of the sky and the sea, outlining the shape of the mountain and giving it a sense of transparency. The dark blue colour used for the sky and the bottom of the sea complement each other while contrasting with the bright yellow horizon in the centre. The smooth lines of the clouds and the mountain contrast with the straight and ragged lines created by knife painting, yet the effect gives a sense of harmony and serenity to this piece. It reveals a sense of wonder and leaves any interpretation open to imagination of the viewer.

Michael says of his work:“Currently my work tries to convey a sense of poetry from things I have seen. With the constructions and other work I am translating a subject into an object – distilling and pairing down – so what remains is similar to a visual Haiku. Although there maybe conceptual reasons for using certain motifs, the pieces remain very simple and have to work visually – we don’t need to understand all these things, just to stand under them! Printmaking also suits me as again the best prints are edited down to a few colours or none at all."

Born in Dorset, 1960, Michael has lived in Scotland since the mid 80's. He currently works as a collaborative master printmaker at Peacock Visual Arts in Aberdeen and has taught various printmaking classes and bookbinding courses for many years. Michael has also worked with a great number of artists from Scotland and further afield. His own art includes prints, wood constructions and artist books. In 2007, he undertook a short residency in Italy, which has informed much of his imagery since then. Recently, he gave a presentation on his work in the Orkney Islands. Michael has been a visiting lecturer at numerous educational facilities, teaching printmaking and bookbinding. He has exhibited in the U.S.A., Netherlands, South Africa, Italy, and the UK.

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