St. Valentine's Day
By Joan Wilson

Subject Matter
Still Life and Flowers
Reg. Number
62 x 45 cm

The palette for this screen print is harmonious and simple; it is the marks within the vase and flowers that make it dynamic. The light upon the leaves, suggesting the vase is at a window, creates shapes within shapes and the subtle variation of yellow in the tulip flower exudes delicacy.

The image is of flowers slightly past their prime, the drooping tulip and accompanying leaves add an unusual element to the composition, in which a circle is almost formed by the plant pointing in all different directions. There is a homely, calm feel to the picture evoked by the pale greens and yellows, contrasted by the bright green highlights and the speckled lively pattern of the vase. The mosaic of greens within the tulip leaves is an interesting pattern in itself. A suggestion of space and depth is created by the curved brown shape and green rectangular background.

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