Sea Shore - Shallow Sea
By Joan Smith

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
64 x 81.5 cm

One of 12 prints from the folio 'Oaharra Oaharra' (The Sea The Sea) 18/40 produced by the Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop in 1993.
'When I start a print I never know what it will look like when it is finished. My working method can appear rather random and disorganised because I prepare far more transparencies than I will need for any one print and tend to see how the work develops before I decide which layer will come next. This means that my work surprises me all the time and that some transparencies might not be used until years later when their original context has been forgotten but they are given a new lease of life' - Joan Smith.

Since 1989 Joan has been a member of the academic staff at Edinburgh College of Art. She is Programme Coordinator for the part time BA in Combined Studies and also teaches in the department of First Year studies.

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