An Alphabet of Occupations
By Hugh Bryden

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
115 x 84 cm

Hugh's work, ˜An Alphabet of Occupations" is painted in a socialist print style with the numerous panels indicating a didactic function in art. Furthermore, the monochromatic panels inform viewers of occupational choices, an apt example for the painting"s healthcare setting being "N" for nurse. This alphabetised format indicates that the work acts as a pedagogic aid, informing the viewer of a variety of career choices which may have a motivational effect on the viewer. The simple and bold outlines of the panels are reminiscent of the didactic woodcut form artistic creativity which originated in German expressionist art.

Born in Dumfries in 1950, Hugh Bryden graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1972. He uses a restored hand-worked Columbian Press, made in early 19th Century, to produce his lino-cuts and wood-cuts and has illustrated a variety of literary magazines. Hugh Bryden is a retired art teacher who also practices painting whilst his main creative interest is printmaking and he is a member of the Edinburgh Printmakers" workshop.